Why We Don't Use Fragrance Oils

At Vibes Soap, we have very high standards for the quality of materials that we use in our soap. From the soap base that we use all the way to the added scent. While it may be enticing with the low-cost nature of fragrance oils to use them in soap, we decided to make the conscious decision to use only pure essential oils.  Physical, mental and environmental health is important to us, and we wouldn’t allow our community to use something we wouldn’t ourselves.

The Truth About Fragrance Oil

Here’s the truth about fragrance oils, they are a mixture of chemicals created to mimic a wanted scent. Honorary Master Herbalist Klaus Ferlow said “95% of the chemicals found in these oils are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum, and include chemicals such as benzene derivatives, aldehydes, and others capable of causing cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders (CNS) and allergic reactions.” Some of the most popular brands in the candle & soap space are using such oils and not much is said about it. This is partially because consumers are unaware but more so because brands don’t want them knowing about these side effects. I’d suggest taking an audit of the products you use and read the labels for the ingredients included.

The Positive Health Benefits of Essential Oils 

On the flip side, essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. These oils capture the plants' scent and are obtained via natural processes such as cold processing. Rather than negative side effects, essential oils actually provide some really incredible health benefits.

We generally classify these benefits into two categories: Calming or Stress Relievers & Energizers, although scent each is different.

Popular scents that fall under the calming category include Lavender, Chamomile & Bergamot. Lavender is very commonly used to relieve stress while Chamomile also is known to help improve mood. Scents such as Peppermint are known to be more energizing & have been said to help boost energy & and aid digestion when consumed.

 Getting To Know Each Oil

One thing that we wanted to make sure of is that our community could try many different scents and have more than one for their different usages. We made this a reality through our Minis. They’re a smaller version of the Body Bars but still pack the same cleaning power and scent that they do. Check them out here.