you're probably wondering

Who's Behind Vibes Soap?

You may be wondering why two young guys, Tyler Prete & Ryan Ellul, started a soap company. It's less about who we are and more about why we focus on mental health.

Throughout our early adult lives, our founders both struggled at times with our mental health. Sometimes, we’ve both felt like we’ve conquered anxiety and other issues, but other times, felt quite defeated. In that, we've learned it is an ongoing journey - one that you shouldn't be on alone. It was the support from a community of friends, family, and resources we surrounded ourselves with that have allowed us to get to where we are today.

Millions of people go on this journey alone - so we wanted to create a community for everyone. now you're wondering

Why Soap?

So, back to why soap specifically… As we were learning strategies, starting our day off positive helped set the pace for the rest of the day. During tough days, getting outside and going for a long run followed by a shower with our favourite soap helped create a calming, relaxed & refreshed feeling. We wanted to share a piece of that experience with others, bringing fun scents & colours that lift your mood!

Now for the important question

How can you join us in our Journey?

It makes our day when we see people enjoying the products we've created - and we hope it makes theirs too.

But Vibes isn't about us. It's about ALL of us working together on a common issue.

Whether its purchasing our products, posting to social, or even just being an advocate - as long as you're spreading the vibes, you're part of our Family.  

Vibes Values

Here at Vibes, we want to keep things simple and stay true to our values of:

1) Always prioritize making a positive impact over making money.

2) If you cant pronounce an ingredient or find it out in nature, it wont be in our products

3) Above all: have fun and stay positive


Our aim is to not only to positively impact lives through our soap but do our small part by donating a portion of profits to mental health initiatives in Canada.

Vibes Soap, is more than just soap, it’s a symbol of togetherness, positivity and good vibes.

Spread the Vibes